Overseas Student Health Cover

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a requirement of all student visas, except for Norwegian students who have a student loan, and some Swedish students. Participation in health insurance schemes in home countries does not exempt international student from paying for OSHC except those stated above.

OSHC Worldcare is the Academies Australasia Polytechnic preferred health insurance provider.

You pay for the initial period when you accept your offer. This money payable to Academies Australasia Polytechnic Pty Limited with your other fees as indicated in your letter of offer. This will usually covers any ELICOS study and the first year of your other program.

You are responsible for renewing you health cover after this date.

Once you have enrolled in your course, OSHC will be ordered, should you arrive earlier, please notify Academies Australasia Polytechnic and it will be ordered for you then.

Your OSHC Worldcare card will be available from reception approximately 10 days after commencement of your course.

Should you need your health cover number earlier, please contact Academies Australasia Polytechnic reception on +613 8610 4100 Further information regarding OSHC can be found on OSHC Worldcare.